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How to run the Laravel artisan command and npm command in the Plesk admin panel on cloud hosting?

Open your droplet console from your cloud hosting provider. I am using DigitalOcean

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Go to your project directory in the console!

root@localhost:~# cd /var/www/vhosts/yourwebsite.com/httpdocs

PHP and NPM commands do not work in the root directory. So you need to specify the installation folder to run the PHP command.

PHP and Node are installed in the Plesk panel in the following folders.


First, You need to check the version of PHP and Node. Run this command to see the versions folder.


# ls /opt/plesk/php


# ls /opt/plesk/node

Run the PHP command like this.

# /opt/plesk/php/7.4/bin/php artisan cache:clear

Run the NPM command like this.

# /opt/plesk/node/12/bin/npm run prod

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